The Company

Bladena provides structural enhancement technologies and related services for Wind Turbine blades, in order to improve the strength of blades and increase their life time. To read more about Bladena click About

The Technology

The core technologies of Bladena are all developed over the last decade by the researchers at DTU Wind (former Risø DTU) under the supervision of Dr. Find Mølholt Jensen, CTO of Bladena. To read more about the Bladena Technology click here

The D-String®

Gravity forces cause ‘breathing’ of trailing-edge panels of blades, which causes cracks, defects and trailing-edge splitting. Bladena offers our patented up-tower D-String® retrofit solution in order to avoid these trailing-edge defects. To read more click here

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DK - 4100 Ringsted
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Bladena provides structural enhancement technologies for Wind Turbine blades, which improve the strength of blades, reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs, extend the effective life time of blades, and maximize the annual production of energy - for designers, manufacturers and operators, looking for lowering the cost of energy. Together, we make your blade stronger.