These are some of the questions we often get within Operation. Do you have similar questions, then contact Bladena for help.
  • What is the level of value of information from inspection?
  • How to prioritize between turbines during a campaign?
  • Frequent damages on a specific site. How can you improve the value of the information?
  • How to categorize the fleet according to blade's sensitivity to damages?
  • Some sites are experiencing extensive downtime. How to approach this?
  • What actions can be done to ensure unobstructed power production?
  • Risk and financial evaluation of different O&M strategies?
  • Are there any blades that need to be upgraded to withstand the loads?
  • Which are the main KPIs that are affected and how can these be improved?
  • Which are the available solutions for upgrading the blades? How can these affect the reported KPIs?
  • Is it critical to repair now or can this be postponed until the next campaign?
  • How will the different damages affect the main KPIs?
  • When should a retrofit solution be considered instead of a simple repair?
  • What are the key factors to consider for repair intervention?
  • If the weather does not allow for a maintenance visit, what curtailment should then be considered?
  • Who to blame? Claim management?